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Lower Prices on All Cars


Automunda.com offers new and almost new automobiles from most major manufacturers at lower prices.  Before you buy a new car make sure to check our offers.  Get a SpotPrice Offer Now!

2011-nissan-leaf-2013-ford-focus-electric-sideFantastic Offers on Electric Cars

Today we have developed a unique position in offering the new electric vehicles, for example from Nissan and Ford, at substantially lower prices than has been seen before in Europe.  Electric cars have no oil, no petrol tank, no transmission and no exhaust pipe. The electric cars are now available as full family size vehicles. They need dramatically less maintenance and electric running costs are only a small fraction of the fuel costs by regular petrol or diesel cars.

Convert Your Existing Car to Autogas

BRC-logo-110Automunda.com can also offer you a complete conversion kit to turn your current automobile into an autogas vehicle to run on LPG or CNG.  With autogas you can reduce operating costs ((€/km) by up to 50% and substantially reduce greenhouse emissions.  We have already modified hundreds of vehicles of all sizes.  LPG Fuel Stations  –  CNG Filling Stations